My name is Trina, I am a sun child.


Born in August to two amazing people. I was raised in the wilderness in northern British Columbia where I was taught to be strong like the men. My sister and I were forced to be creative to entertain ourselves and in doing so I discovered my fiercest passion; Photography. I'm honestly not sure how to live without taking photos. Photography is my release, my therapy. I use it to teach myself; how to grow, how to express feelings, how to move on from life events. It is the truest thing to my soul that I can share with the world. What I hold in my hand during our session is not just a camera. It is a life changer. My goal is to make your experience unforgettable, addictive.... I want you to get a high from our time together. Getting photographed shouldn't be intimidating or a burden, it should be a gift and I hope that I can be the one who delivers it to you.


Let’s make magic together!

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“Trina is amazing and her photography is breathtaking! I would consider it an honour to work with her again, she knows how to make people feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin.”
— Paulena Maureen Dean

“You capture the beauty of the moment so well. Your professionalism is truly outstanding. You made me feel something I haven’t felt in a long time.....beautiful and worthwhile. There are not enough words to thank you.”
— Sherri Dubbeldam

“An amazing talent!! An ability to put people at ease with her wit and charm, whilst gettin the most out of the subject! An awesome afternoon spent in the company of a most talented Lady! The finished product is inspiring, empowering, genuine, raw and extremely powerful. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part!! Crawford Falls Gang 2016!!”
— Liz Taylor

“Trina is an amazing photographer, she really caputres the true essence with so much ease. She made me feel so comfortable right away and I really enjoyed my expierience with her. You can tell she brings a wealth of expierience and creativity in how she coaxes out the natural beauty in each of her sesssions ! LOVE.”
— Azaria Menezes

“This experience was so freeing and wonderful! Trina makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin that you end up feeling very empowered and beautiful...
I cannot say enough good things about her. I cannot wait to do another session with her and am so unbelievably happy that we did this one with her!”
— Tiffany Skogan

“Great photographer. Makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. Nothing is rushed and she captures the moment just right. We can’t wait until our little one is born for a follow up photography session.”
— Shamus Billings

“I have followed Trina Cary photography and dreamed of doing pictures with her for a long time, it was everything I could have hoped and more!”
— Glenda Groat

“Shooting with Trina was such an uplifting, exciting and fun experience! She made me feel so comfortable that by the end of it I was completely naked letting her take stunning photos (that turned out magnificent I might add!) which says a lot about someone you’ve only met a handful of times. I highly recommend Trina to anyone looking to capture some beautiful memories. p.s. She’s also hilarious so prepare to laugh.”
— Cyleigh Campbell

“I must admit. I truly never understood those that pursue photography, until I witnessed yours. Wow. Absolutely stunning. I don’t even know you and I’m proud of you. Whether you realize it or not, you’re definitely headed to good places. Aside from these few words, I remain speechless.”
— Daryl Klassen