Why would you like to be a part of this project?

I want to unveil my naked self for others to see it’s safe to do so. We have spent thousands of years hiding our forms, and I want to liberate inhibitions and insecurities. I love the flower project for giving women the platform to feel safe to blossom.

How do I think I’d benefit from this project?

I have recently explanted my breast implants because they were making me ill, and no longer felt like a natural part of my evolution. I have large scars under my breasts, and I want to showcase what insecurities can do to us. When we allow these feelings of “not enough” take over we can drastically fall into the societal constructs, and go so far as to cut up our beautiful bodies. I benefit by sharing my story in the hopes that I can be an example for other women. I hope that my experience may resonate with even one being, and that it may help them move through their discomfort.

What benefits can I give to the project?

I hope that women will relate to my journey, and it may motivate them to find peace within themselves. The more I share myself, and am seen, and held by others, the more I heal. I benefit by being apart of something great. By letting go of limited beliefs and social conditions that tell us somehow, we are not enough. Being photographed after removing my implants is exhilarating and nerve racking at the same time. This is a part of my healing process and I’m grateful to humanize here with you.

What kind of inspiration can I contribute?

I hope to inspire women to feel secure within their magical forms. I came full circle from a very insecure little girl to a woman who loves her body and is immensely grateful for walking this path.

What’s my story?

Since I was a little girl I felt like my chest was not enough. I grew up with the notion that large breasts equated attraction. I saved up all my money and at 19 I implanted 350 cc's of cohesive gel into my breasts. I let my ego lead me down a path of physicality that resulted in me feeling utterly disconnected. In this gestation process of pleasing the other, I completely lost myself. Along my journey, I witnessed symptoms in my body. The silicon has been leeching my vital energy. Implants have resulted in Breast Implant Illness symptoms like chronic fatigue, headaches, low libido, and intense brain fog. I removed my leaking implants June 10th 2019 and have been healing rapidly. I have a massive amount of rejuvenated energy that feels like a new lease on life. I am grateful to have come full circle, and to share my journey in the hopes that it may spark something in another who is struggling. Our breasts are where we feed our young, if we procreate. They reside directly atop our beating heart, a place of nurture and connection. This is not a place for judgement. Breasts are not created solely for desire. ⁣

Please, if you feel like you are not enough follow that seedling to the source of where it sprouted. Eradicate thoughts of disbelief and unworthiness. You are enough and you do not need to alter your form to feel so. I want to constantly remember this body we are given, is far from NOT enough. I want to remind humanity we need to be teaching our children how beautiful and whole they are. The social conditioning present in our society desperately needs to change. It starts with the way you look at yourself. The way you speak to yourself. The way you treat the Other. Notice how deeply these patterns are instilled in your psyche. Body image is a struggle for everyone, regardless of your gender, you have experienced feelings of discomfort in your skin. I want to remind you it's hard to get comfortable in this earth suit. Altering our body to appease other humans is a band aid for the lack of self love that exists within. The little girl that felt ‘not enough’ is healing and she's held deeply in my heart. I no longer judge my Self based on this body. I honour my temple I have been given. I take care and speak kindly to this form. I am evolving. This is my learning, my lessons from this Earth School. To love myself unconditionally.

This shoot was meant to showcase the raw, organic self that stands now in this current body. The flowers I chose were a mix of wild flowers and hydrangea’s because I wanted to weave in the wildness of my heart, with the softness of this beautiful earth.