Destiny- Flower Project

"I read about The Flower Project for the first time today, and while looking at all the beautiful images and reading the captions going along with them I kept thinking, "these beautiful woman have so much to say. They are real people with stories to share, and they are all gorgeous!" I wanted to be apart of it.What speaks to me the most about the project is that it's empowering! Women need to realize their beauty and power. I think that being apart of this project can heal, can help release old shadows and hopefully if I am apart of this my story can help others realize that they are not walking through this life alone. My story has a long history. From a very young age I had to figure out how to be by myself and be okay with that. The being okay with it part has taken me over two decades to accomplish. It's never been easy for me to really fit in. I could never understand why? It was easy for me to get along with people just fine, but there was always something missing. I always assumed it was me. I asked myself a lot of questions about how I could be better. Thoughts like that are so damaging, and looking back now... My God I wish I could hug that girl and tell her she's perfect the way she is, and it's not her that needs to change, it's the perception people have when they've only scratched the surface of who I am.

Not knowing why I could never click with someone, friend or otherwise and not having anyone to ask just made me feel more alone. Depression snuck in and warped my thought process even more. Do you know how difficult it is to battle your very own thoughts? Being so internalized and being in constant mental chaos, whew.. it's exhausting and overwhelming. It wasn't until I went through my last bout of depression recently, that I started using it for learning opportunity. It's been a time of soul searching and self love. Self empowerment by being more than okay with who I am, but loving who I am. Learning more about what makes me, me everyday and falling desperately in love with her. I do have two gorgeous, bright daughters after all, who are watching, following, and mimicking me. They need me to lay the ground work and raise them with a strong sense of loving who you are. So, to my beauties: Just do you!! One step at a time, one breath at a time ♥" -Destiny