Jamie + Jason's Love Story

I am posting this in honour of today in that the Australian residents have voted and 61.6% of Australia voted YES to legalizing gay marriage. It is now in the hands of parliament to make it official but so far it's looking good for these two!!! Here is their story. 

"Jason and I met online (it will be 5 years ago in April) we organized to meet and it went terribly. Nothing in particular, it was just awkward and I left thinking ‘I’m never going back there’ and Jason was thinking ‘I’m never going to see him again’ then we started talking online again about a week later. I went to his place again and this time we just stayed up all night talking. It was completely effortless and just fun. A couple of days later his roommate asked if we were ‘official’ and I could feel Jason’s hesitation to blurt our and assume something we hadn’t even really discussed, so I went against everything I would normally do and just said ‘yes we’re official!’ And I could see Jason’s demeanour change to being totally relaxed. I never went home. I stayed there then we moved to my parents for a year, then moved to Brisbane where we are now, so we’ve lived together the entire time we’ve been together. 2 and a half years after we started going out, it was Jason’s 30th Birthday in September 2015. I organised a surprise party for him and arranged for all his family to come from interstate (parents, grandparents, sisters, aunts etc). My sister is a cake maker and Jasons nickname is Bear so she made a 3d bear cake and put the ring box in the tummy of the bear. No one else there knew anything about it. When he cut the cake he found the ring box, opened it up, started crying and said ‘no you didn’t!’ Then turned and ran into the next room!!! Lol. I followed and we were still in view of everyone. I got down on one knee and asked him to marry me and he said yes!!! We are now a little over 2 years later waiting for the law to hopefully change."

-Jamie Thompson