“I am the youngest girl of 12 children. 9 girls, two boys. 9 of us are adopted.
I knew from a very young age that I always wanted to be a Mother, I just didn’t think I would become a mother to 6! 
I gave birth to two beautiful girl, I am a step-mother to two other beautiful children, (boy and girl) and I have two beautiful babies in my care. We live on a beautiful hobby farm full of chickens, goats, horses, dogs, cats, a bearded dragon, and a hilarious pot bellied pig.
I struggled from severe postpartum depression with my first child, and was diagnosed with endometriosis while pregnant with my second. 
Endometriosis left me with debilitating pain, which eventually ended with me having a full hysterectomy in September 2016. I grieved my womb, my ovaries and the thought of never bearing any more children. I started to feel as though I had lost my womanhood. 
I tried to stay positive by reminding myself that I was blessed to have been given the gift of two beautiful children, and that some women don’t even get that. 
I have many scars from the numerous surgeries I’ve had battling this disease, but I no longer look at my scars with shame- I own them!
This session not only helped me heal in the way of self love and taking back my power, but it was a major lesson for my girls. 
I wanted them to see their Mom FREE. I wanted them to see their Mom PROUD. I wanted them to see their Mom COMFORTABLE with her own body. I wanted them to see how STRONG their Mom is. I wanted them to see how BRAVE their Mom was. My girls will grow up to be all these things and more.
Our bodies grow and stretch, they are our children’s first home, they produce milk to feed our babies, our arms provide a loving and safe place. Our bodies are NOT just a sexual object, but a divine creation- each one perfect in our own way.”

- Jessica Kathleen