A week ago, I had the pleasure of photographing the woman who’s art is permanently on my body. A woman who’s words and art speak to my soul. Our time together will never be forgotten, it was such an incredible, soul sister bonding moment. At the end of our session I got so excited I ran into her room, pulled on a pair of her skivvies and asked her to photograph me topless in her studio hahah.

“My art and my life come from a realm which exists in between the abstract intellect of a man and

our physical reality. It is a realm of the image, of cosmic visions where I communicate with the

plants as messengers of the stars. A home of the soul that communicates itself to me via dreams, where inspirations, intuition, healing-light, and wisdom, are infinitely available to all living beings. 

And through crating art and diving within the depths of silence, I have come to see that the unity

with nature spirits and our own shadow is the key to unlocking our psycho-spiritual awareness to

wider seeing and a fulfillment of our being. 

I hope to invite us all women towards an urgent embrace of our intimacy, interconnectedness, and

interdependence with out Earth Mother. Art has no borders, no limits and cannot be colonized like nature and our bodies have been and continue to do so, and through our commitment to powerful magic of creation we can swing the gates wide open and reclaim our collective voice. 

One of the most potent practices of magic we can do to heal ourselves and the earth, and 

annihilate the patriarchal mindset is giving our moon - blood back to the sacred land. 

If you are a Crone, post- menopausal woman, or for any other reason that you do not bleed, you can still perform a variation of this ritual with the saliva from your body, or your hair as your offering. 

We must start honoring the land and her ancestors, not perpetually abusing or consuming her for our  selfish agendas. The earth is our relative, get to know her, and i promise you will remember a feeling that you have done this for ages before. That you allowed the Earth to feel our love so that men will no longer need to spill the blood of innocent lives. 

Let us call in our all -powerful feminine abilities to lead us in the right direction and look with our

eyes and hearts wide open and see this seamless connection. There is a deeper way of being beneath the surface of the world gone manic, a realm of alchemical experience by commitment to magic. 

And together we have incarnated on Earth to anoint ourselves to Queendom through the

cycles of the Moon.” 

 ★Vanja Vukelić★