Isabell + Josephine

Taking the train to sessions while I am in Switzerland is always an adventure. This mumma and bub were just adorable. Isabell was so kind! She made me tea as we chatted and got to know one another and then after our shoot she made me soup and buns so that I wouldn’t be hungry on my 2 hour journey back to Wil.

During our session I took a couple small videos, I’d love to start offering a edited 45 sec-1 minute video with each of my sessions. I have to get used to taking them and learn how to piece them all together and add music etc. I have added the two small clips I took to the end I’d love you know what you all think of this idea! Feel free to comment below on the blog!

A poem Isabell sent me —

A Prayer for One Who Comes to Choose This Life by Danelia Wild

May she know the welcome of open arms and hearts May she know she is loved by many and by one May she know the circle of friendship that gives and receives love in all its forms May she know and be known in the heart of another May she know the heart that is this earth reach for the stars and call it home And in the end may she find everything in her heart and her heart in everything.

Little clips I took during our 45 min session.