Full Moon Breastfeeding Session

My My where to start... On March 2nd, I hosted my first Full Moon Breastfeeding Session and it was FUCKING AMAZING (sorry for swearing mom) but... seriously. The moon didn't cooperate instead we got incredible storm clouds. 14 women came, some friends some strangers, one of them approached me toward the end that she would like to do some with her clothes off, of course if you guys know me you know I LOVE NUDITY and that I was hoping they would get naked anyway but to be asked! omg I love this woman. But the best most magical part was, once she got naked, one by one, two by two they all peeled their clothes off and ran together, embracing and loving each other. I couldn't wipe the smile from my face. I just love it when strangers come together and support each others journeys and bodies. The whole evening was oozing with empowerment, support and love. It honestly couldn't have gone any better and I am beyond excited to do more! This morning I have already replied to 4 emails regarding publication. One has already come out >>> https://blogs.babycenter.com/parenting/moon-breastfeeding-session/ and more are on their way.

I asked some of the women if they could say a few words about their journey in breastfeeding or maybe why they wanted to participate and if they enjoyed the session. Here is what they said:

Hannah Callow I did it because I struggled with my first, second time around I was so determined and am successfully breastfeeding and couldn’t be more proud. 

Leilani Power Breastfeeding was a struggle for Bella and I. I had to use express and bottle feed for 3 weeks when she was just a few weeks old to rest my cracked and bleeding nipples. I had to use nipple shields for 3 months as Bella couldn't latch properly without them. I shed many tears but was determined to persevere. Now Bella is 9 months and feeding is second nature. I wanted to celebrate how far we've both come.

Bliss Madgwick My little girl came into this world making a little bit of an appearance. Spending a week without skin on skin and without having her breastfeed I was scared our connection & her instincts to suck would be lost. I sat there holding her in my arms for 24hours. 100% skin on skin, so tired I couldn't open my eyes. I was determined to give Luna everything she needed. Starting with breastmilk. 8 months later still breastfeeding strong!

Chiara Cramer My breastfeeding journey was so incredibly hard at the start. Reuben has a lip and cheek tie, intolerances (I had to cut foods from my diet) and feeding was so painful to begin with. I would dread having to feed him, knowing that he wasn’t able to get what he needed, efficiently, and the pain that it caused me. I sought a lot of help from other mums, a wonderful lactation consultant and our chiropractor. We’ve been feeding successfully for a whole year now, and I don’t see us stopping anytime soon! I love the bond we share, and the comfort is brings him, as well as the nutrition it provides! My boy is healthy and happy and that is worth any amount of pain  Mama is still gluten and dairy free because of his intolerances which is the only annoying thing

Mllr Jss I breastfeed because it empowers me as a parent to be able to provide my children with the best nourishment they will ever have. I breastfed my first for 2.5 years and plan on going as long as I can with my second. Breastfeeding is just another example of the magic that a woman's body brings to the world! X

Belinda Dorman I always imagined my journey to motherhood would be similar to those I ‘thought’ I knew about. That most women seemed to have a hard go of it during either getting pregnant, giving birth or caring for their newborn and in the postnatal period. You can imagine my heartbreak then when after finally having a successful pregnancy around 3 years from when we first started trying the birth of River and my postnatal period were extremely challenging. This is by no way a comparison or a ‘poor me’ post just my experience and reflections on my journey!

I struggled with breastfeeding...I had weeks of pain so intense I was crying when my baby woke up because I knew more pain was coming. Three cases of mastitis, my first so bad I was back in hospital for IV antibiotics for three days after two failed oral courses ...still persisting with breastfeeding my new baby. 10 days of exclusively pumping and feeding him expressed breast milk to let my nipples heal only to have an allergic reaction to disposable breast pads afterwards and have a full body dermatitis reaction. This is still only the half of it but I won’t bore you and many will already be thinking what a lot of doctors and people were telling me, ‘time for the bottle’.

This meant so much to me and I am quite a determined person...I hadn’t let the other phases of my motherhood journey deter me...an ectopic pregnancy...fertility treatment...I birthed my big baby boy vaginally and drug free like I prepared for and wanted to. So you can imagine I would definitely be keen to celebrate my body and breastfeeding my child when I heard Trina Cary Photography was hosting a full moon breastfeeding photo shoot! I am a very supportive and non judgmental person, this wasn’t about anyone else’s journey but my own and damn I deserve to celebrate that! River is just over one year old now and I can still remember how it made me feel when I was crying in the middle of the night trying to feed him or in front of my supportive husband and family with milk leaking everywhere...

I KNEW I would feel worse if in the end I doubted that I had given it my everything!! So my everything got me here and I couldn’t be happier to have celebrated that with these wonderful women and their children! "



Chelsea Cole reviewed Trina Cary Photography — 5 star

She makes you feel comfortable, and really enjoy yourself! Everything so so natural and real. To make it even better she is a lovely lady and very welcoming.

Nicola Syme reviewed Trina Cary Photography — 5 star

I have done 3 shoots with this Canadian Queen in the last few months and there’s a reason for that...it’s because she is freaking AMAZING!! and her work is stunning. 
Plus she’s super dooper cool, so so easy to work with and makes you feel so incredibly comfortable in front of the lens. Thanks for doing what you do babe! Love your work!!
HIGHLY RECOMMEND. would give you 1,000,000 stars if I could!