~ She always will be ~

I’m sure that each day in one way or another,
Each child gently enters the mind of their mother.
No matter if they are beside her or far,
She will pray for their safety where ever they are.

She has given them life and has given them love,
And her heart holds them close as a hand in a glove.
No matter their problems, no matter how wild,
She will always have love in her heart for her child.

As time carries on and she watches them grow,
She will do all she can to make sure that they know,
Each one must decide what they choose to achieve,
And follow the way of the things they believe.

She’ll guide them and teach them through days of their youth,
To be independent and always speak truth.
She will sacrifice much yet she’ll never complain
In her quest for her children, their dreams to attain.

Though her strength sometimes waver, her patience be tried
She will give it her all, setting her wants aside.
And when they are grown and they fly from the nest
She knows even then she cannot stop to rest.

For no matter how high or how far they may fly
They will still be the twinkle that shines in her eye
Each one is a jewel that she holds in her heart
That she’s cared for and comforted right from the start.

So she’ll still carry on in her vigilant way
To care and to pray for her children each day.
She’s the rock that they lean on, the root of their Tree
And no matter what happens, She always will be.

Lois Clark