Melbourne on Film

I've visited Melbourne three times and now and Mirco and I are currently debating moving there in Novembe. It's between there and NZ... He just informed me we might do Melbourne, NZ, Norway, Berlin, Switzerland, Canada haah so I'm in for a ride hahha. Either way our life is an adventure at the moment.

Best airlines for cheap flights in Australia are Jetstar, Tiger Air and Virgin Australia. There is a fun little site called I Know the Pilot that sends out great deals. Melbourne is a  great city full of art and culture. They LOVE their sports. The music is fabulous. St. Kilda is the more artistic, hippie loving, gay friendly area (I love it there). The Yarra Valley is full of vineyards, red rolling hills and magic. Public transportation is on point, food is DELICIOUS. A few places you must see if visiting... Luna Park, Half Moon Bay, the colourful houses in St Kilda along the beach. If you feel like going for a long drive go to Cactus Country in Strathmerton. Have breakfast at Banff they actually serve pancakes and bacon just like Canada and have dinner at The Moroccan Soup Kitchen. The pinnacles on the Mornington Peninsula are beautiful, those are the cliffs people are jumping off in the photos below. Thrift and vintage finds are everywhere so keep your eyes peeled and if you are renting a car be CAREFUL there are speed cameras everywhere and Toll Charges. Download Waze to your phone to help find out where you might get caught. But most of all enjoy your Aussie Adventure!