So my sister in law said "I'm doing a session, you should do one". My heart rate did go up as I answered "yes." "But I'm a mum of four." She encouraged me "do it for yourself." Not always an easy thing for a mother.


After thinking about it for weeks I drew strength from my mum. 3 years ago she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Apart of me broke the day I heard. It was a whirlwind couple of weeks- she endured a lumpectomy then as clear margins weren't found had a mastectomy followed by a greuling 16 months of chemotherapy. She faced her fate like an absolute champion. I watched a woman to whom had given me life fight for hers. I watched her say goodbye to apart of her womanly body. Accept her fate and glow like a goddess regardless. I never complain or doubt the body I am blessed with Gone are the days "I wish my boobs were bigger, I wish I was taller". Instead I am grateful everyday for good health and healthy family & friends.


Three years later my mother is in remission. Every day we wake and live in gratitude.

The lessons I have learnt from being beside her during "the journey" is bind blowing.

It is amazing the healing power of love and family ✨

I believe Love conquers all xo

We must not waste time in worrying about what we don't have... Be vunerable... For vulnerability is the only bridge to communication ✨