Two Generations

Why would you like to be a part of this project? 

I wanted to be a part of this project because I was once in the modeling industry as a young teenager and nothing about that spoke natural beauty and self love. It only planted seeds of doubt and unrealistic ideas in my head. If I could be a part of a movement that embraces the womans natural body as it is and show my son and 3 daughters how beautiful we are, then I NEED to be a part of this project.

What about the project speaks to you, and how do you think you would benefit from and to the project? 

Having kids of my own It would break my heart if I heard them speaking to their body like I once did to mine. This project speaks to me on so many different levels, from feeling exposed yet confident, beautiful yet sacred. The symbolic meaning behind choosing flowers that spoke to my heart and the beauty of sharing these images with my children, which will hopefully become a tradition. This will be life changing for our youth. 

What kind of inspiration can you contribute? 

Our future lye in our childrens heart so If I can truly learn to trust and respect my body and mind and lay the stepping stones for them to pave, my job in life is complete ♡ 

What's your story?

I am a mother to 4 beautiful children aged 6 and under who at the ripe yet wise age of 26 feel like I know myself inside out yet constantly wanting to know more. I have been on a huge journey the past 6 years, living in indonesia and coming home to meet my now husband. Birthing my 4 children have been my biggest achievement and I am now embarking on a home schooled life with my family. Knowledge is Power to the people and our people matter ♡ 

Molly McKenna


I want to be part of this project to support the Project and what it is doing for women all over the world. To Love Ourselves and to Love and Support One another. We are Strong in Ourselves and Together.

This project speaks to me... I Wish my Mother knew of the Abundance of Self Love We Can have and to impart this to Me. I grew up being sexually abused at 12 years of age and couldn't tell my Mum because it was her brother and I was sworn to secrecy. I sufferd badly with low selfesteem! Craved Love and Affection.

Through this Project the message of Self Love Worth and the Beauty of Being a Daughter, Sister Mother, Aunty, Friend and Wife Explodes!

I want to help get this message across to all Women young and old. WE NEED TO LOVE OURSELVES IN ORDER TO MOVE FORWARD WITHOUT ANY BAGGAGE!

That's about it!

Oh doing the photo shoot with My Youngest Daughter Molly was SOOOO Special! I am Privileged to be Her Mother and her Midwife for 4 Amazing Births!

- Heidi