Chocolate Chip Cookies

You were planned, knitted and woven inside of my womb. The both of you. I wanted you before you existed; before I could hold you, kiss you and touch you. You were both born in the water at home. The joy I felt as you both entered this world was unexplainable. 

Everly Bliss, my first born. Pregnancy was new to me, and as you grew in me I couldn’t imagine what you would look and smell like and it felt as if I already knew you. You were more than I could ever imagine. You are my sunshine and I feel as if we are intertwined. The bond we have is strong and beautiful. Thanks for loving me unconditional and having me as your mom. 

My Elowen Ray. I couldn’t imagine loving another child as much as my first. But you my darling are loved immensely. The greatest gift I could give your sister was you. And through and through you both will build a relationship, become closer and have a strong friendship. I love when you look into my eyes while you nurse. As your little hand grabs my skin, my heart bursts. And then you stop for a break and smile at me. You’re eyes light up and make me feel like I am doing a great job as a mom. 

My beautiful girls.. You are special, you are beautiful, you are valued and worthy. With a great big kiss; love your mommy.