So awhile back I bought this piece of fabric from the thrift store. I had a vision for it, still actually do haha. But I decided to take it to Mexico with me to try it out with water and I have to say I was very pleased with what happened!

Finding this location was a bit hilarious, first day in Sayulita, no idea where I was. I finally made it down to the beach and apparently looked very lost, a man approached me and my first thought was “wow he looks just like Maui of Mona” same big curly hair, skin tone, super jacked, big animated smile. He told me he saw me and thought I looked confused lol so of course he asked if I wanted surf lessons hahah. I told him no, but that I was looking for a beach to do a shoot with a few less people. So, the nice guy that he was walked to to a beach 10 minutes away. As we were walking he introduced himself and get this…. ( I need a drumroll) his name was MAUI!!! hahahaha, he was Polynesian and from Hawaii hahha. I couldn’t help but laugh! Just wanted to find a cute girl and a chicken and we could have done another shoot on the way haha.

Anyway, I got lost finding my airbnb again, was late to txt Gabby. Got to my airbnb where I had wifi again and there she was sitting in the lobby haha! We have messaged several times before both being on the island and never met but of course when we are in another country things just line up. Life is funny that way isn’t it?

We grabs some beach Margaritas along the way which in retrospect could have been when gave me the ol’ Mexican spew and squirts lol but it tasted good in the moment and we had fun climbing rocks and getting rocked by waves.