Shayla + Derek

This is a simple love, that started in a simple place, they knew when we knew; a glance and the destination was chosen. It was always here we would end up, here and nowhere else. Thank you for the trust that began so early, that grew so swift. You are all I never had to wait for, the uncanny sense of direction, when we should have been lost. Thank you for guiding me home.

- Tyler Knott Gregson

Crazy to think Shayla and I graduated together in 2010, never really spoke in school, haven’t seen her since and now she’s getting married to a guy who graded a year before us from the same high school, we were in the same place in Mexico at the same time to do photos and I’m photographing their wedding this July! After spending the evening with them and Shayla’s family I am so excited for their big day. These two are soul mates and I am so so happy they found each other.