Kait + Liv

We connect through our senses. Each time I touch her, smell her, taste her, rustle my lips through her hair or stroke her skin. Each time I bend down and look her in the eyes (REALLY look), or murmer another "I love you" in her ear as she toddles by. Each time she inhales my coffee breath while I sing her a song, each time her cheek grows sweaty from sleeping on my chest, each time she hears my voice soothing her back to sleep in the middle of the night. "We connect though our senses," as I agree to get in the bath with her. "We connect though our senses," as she stretches her arms out toward me. "We connect through our senses," as our eyes lock and I wait and wait and wait for her to finally drift off to sleep at night. When life seems to be pulling you in every direction except your child's, remember this. Lean in to that extra touch. They need this connection as surely as they need to breathe. No matter how busy a season you find yourself in, remember this.

Kait @motherplushood