Sayulita on Film

Went to Sayulita for a wedding in March and no it wasn’t actually on the boat and no I didn't photograph it with a disposable camera hahah though that would have been great, that was just a boat trip with hilarious tour guides who found out they had just got married the day before.

Took a cab from Puerto Vallarta airport to Sayulita, little travel tip, when you come out of the airport turn left and go around the corner, across the bridge and get a cab there, it’s half the price. I stayed at Paraiso Yoga Bungalows which was lovely but there were defiantly some loud nights from the surrounding music and the wifi isn’t the best as all the yogis use it when they come in to wait for class.

I also got sick lol… another tip. No drinking their water even when brushing your teeth and make sure to soak your fruit before eating it. Most places have the solution for you in the kitchen. But maybe bring some drugs so you're prepared haha.

The boat cruise was amazing! We went with AllyCat Sailing Tours highly recommend applying 50+ SPF and frequently hahahah, I looked like a Canadian Flag that evening.

But all in all this little place has some amazing shops, great food and some gorgeous little spots to hang out. Make sure to walk past the main beach and go to Los Muertos Beach and if you have time take a cab and go visit San Pancho, it’s only 10 minutes away and way less tourists. Oh and get a massage, it’s SO CHEAP!!!