Love is always enough... but is it?

I debated posting this blog for awhile… but after talking with the bride we decided it was the best way for her to gain closure… These two got married last year and have since split.

Being a photographer I see all kinds of couples… the ones that will last and the ones that won’t. I get attached to their love, I get to see them at their peak… I get to participate in their love stories. But sometimes love isn’t enough… sometimes life happens and as much as you love someone there are just too many things that don’t match up.

“I never want our relationship to become strangers passing in the day not speaking so we decided to stop before we hurt the kids and any chance at a friendship in the future.” - Candi (Bride)

“This day was the best day of our lives but we were living in a love bubble.” - Candi (Bride)

I am a firm believer of everything happens for a reason and maybe these two will find each other again, maybe they won’t… but for now they have time to work on themselves and sometimes in life that’s just what we need.

A little inspiration:

“Become fluent in the language of letting go. Learn to give people up before they hurt you beyond repair. Even if they tell you that they will change. Even if they tell you that they love you. Just remember, love isn’t meant to be permanently damaging. Love is meant to aid you’re healing.”

-Nikita Gill