Boheme Goods

“I married the boy down the street and our love for travel evolved into travelling with our loves around the world.”

Owner of Boheme Goods

With stories and lives lived far beyond your walls, the pieces I curate all have something uniquely beautiful about them. They're pieces that I would adorn myself, my sons or our home with. My grandfather was a collector, mostly military pieces ; my grandmother was (and still is) the most glamorous woman I know. I grew up spending hours trying on her beautiful gowns and hats from France. My mother and I would go on dates to vintage shops where I would later spend all my allowance as a teen. Bohème was a thought in the back of mind my whole life. Thank you for making the conscious decision to support a small business, run by just me, and lessen the environmental impact that fast fashion has on Mother Earth by choosing to shop vintage and ethically made designers.


Sarah Shabacon

~Have more than you show, speak less than you know~